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Washington Dulles to Albany | United | Seat #2A

December 10, 2009

Well that was gross.

Did you ever see the episode of The Office where Pam is pregnant and she asks Dwight not to eat his hard boiled egg at his desk because the smell will make her throw up? He refuses and proceeds to eat the egg and she promptly yaks. That sets off the rest of the office throwing up one by one. Welcome to my flight.

I missed my earlier flight by minutes and therefore had 4+ hours to kill at Dulles. Dinner, some work, bookstore, more work, phone calls, more work, CNN, more work, and finally it was time to go. Take off was fine but as we started our descent it was very rough. Like, the plane is sideways rough. And that is when the throwing up started. Luckily I was far enough removed and I escaped without being a throwee or thower and am now in the car service home.

Woo hoo – two full days without flying!


Boss Town to Chi Town – 5/18 (United)

May 20, 2009


Nobody at United (or travel agency) bothered to tell me I was in First Class — but hey, cool. It wasn’t quite like the Seinfield episode (sitting next to blonde model) this time, though the very nice lady next to me spilled water on my seat while she was headed to the crapper.

I was in first class, though – and had a nice big Tanqueray on the rocks, so I rolled with it.

I laid down the blankets that have since been cut from Coach and sat down.  Kept me as dry as a Depends.