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To Orlando and Back via Tampa

February 4, 2010

I flew to Tampa last Thursday, January 28th, on Delta 8174 from LGA to TPA to meet my client and then we drove to Orlando. Middle seat and the flight was delayed. Oh well.

Spent 6 days in Orlando with my client for their big annual customer education event. Yesterday we drove back from Orlando to Tampa and I flew from Tampa to Albany on Southwest #3943. The flight was fairly empty and i had an empty middle seat next to me. Landed early which was awesome after being away for six days.

When I get some energy in the next day or so I’ll post about how the lack of magic at Disney.


Albany to Tampa | Southwest 3070 | Seat 7A

December 13, 2009

My Facebook status said it all – “Erin Byrne landed safely. On time. With no craziness. What a nice change of pace.”

I won’t bore you with my complaining about the car service sending a stretch (again, ugh, how tacky). I appreciated the chit chat by the security guys who know my travel woes as well as anyone who read this blog. Short line at Starbucks and no line for the Bank of America ATM. I actually really LOVE the Albany International (ish) Airport.

The flight was perfect. Left early, landed early, my seatmate was non-descript. But the Southwest folks had a little fun with the holidays. The safety briefing was delivered to “Twas the Night before Christmas” with rhymes and all, and the landing speech was sung, yes at the top of their lungs over the intercom, to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

“Welcome to Southwest Airlines
Jingle jingle all the way
We’re out to make you happy
All throughout the holidays…”

You get the idea. Cute. A little too cheery for me, but it was cute. Happy Holidays. (Five flights to go and then I am done for the year!)

Ft. Lauderdale – Tampa | SW 168 | exit row

October 28, 2009

Despite my impersonation of a limp noodle while boarding due to the air conditioning being out in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, the flight was awesome. Short, sweet and on-time. Props to Shelby, the Southwest flight attendant who was entertaining in his demonstration of the safety procedures.

Ft. Lauderdale – Tampa | SW 168 | Pre-flight

October 28, 2009

The opportunities to post here keep on coming. This time at security on my way to get Southwest flight 168 from Ft. Lauderdale. Connie and I were prepping our belongings to go through the security checkpoint and she put her bins on the conveyor belt so she could begin the airport strip tease (you know what I’m talking about – taking off shoes, belts, bras with metal underwires, haha) and running them through the x-ray machine. This woman, let’s call her Alice, comes running by like she is late for a funeral and and jumps the line. Connie and I look at each other and start laughing at her rudeness. Just as she spreads her stuff out EVERYWHERE she realizes that she needs more bins. She runs around us, now to the back of the line, to grab more bins. Connie was quite indignant and grabbed her stuff and jumped Alice in line, regaining her rightful position. I let Alice know that she should at least be prepared if she was cutting the line. Oh yeah, and she almost lost her drivers license which I picked off the floor. The security gods were on our side though as they confiscated her cooler filled with who-knows-what and sent her off for secondary screening. I hope she isn’t going to Tampa.

Oh yeah, let’s chat about Sally, the insurance saleswoman who is sitting next to me and screaming into her phone at the top of her lungs. Dude, I am pretty sure your customers don’t want you blabbing their names and private information in your phone loud enough for everyone in the terminal for me to hear.

I should mention that I love Southwest. The ticket agent was awesome and helped me with a problem with my ticket and the announcements are abundant. Thanks!

Tampa, FL – Dulles, VA | Southwest 2440 | Seating A4 (June 25)

July 1, 2008

Sometimes you just want to chill on the plane. That was not to be on this flight as a whole contingent from my client and their partner companies were flying together. Given the flight was on Southwest we all compared notes about boarding order. Since I forked over the $20 bucks for business select i was among the first to board the flight. One of my clients upgraded at the airport and we got to sit together. I didn’t get a whole lot of work done but we had fun and a nice talk. The flight was the kickoff to a great trip.

Why it’s over between me and US Airways

May 25, 2008

It was good while it lasted. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but I always forgave them. Living 30 miles outside of Albany, NY and having to travel via air a bit, I came to count on US Airway’s frequent connections. I didn’t hold them responsible for all of the many travel nightmares I had at the country’s worst airport (Philadelphia) and didn’t blame them when they lost my bags (often), had mechanical problems (occasionally), or had delays that caused me to miss connections (too frequently to count.) I still appreciated what they did for me, and the fact that they got me from point a to point b safely and on-time-ish.

I was Chairman’s preferred on US Airways for two years, but started switching to United after a few too many delays at Philadelphia, including one where they told me they couldn’t get me home for three days so I recruited another stranded passenger to drive and rented a car. I hate to drive, but that is a story for another day.

The reason for the break-up is simple – they screwed me over. I am taking Maddie to Disney in July and booked our flights on US Airways. I was filling out travel forms earlier for another trip and realized that the agent I spoke to booked us on the wrong day. So, I called US Air and asked them to switch the flight to a day earlier. “I’m sorry, award travel is not available the morning of the 14th.”

So, I told her to sell me a ticket and just redeposit my miles. “I’m sorry, it will cost you $100 per ticket to cancel your ticket and redeposit the miles into your Dividend Miles account.”

“That can’t be right,” I say. “I want to use my miles, but you are telling me there is no flight. So instead I am going to buy my ticket and use my miles another time. And, oh by the way, your agent screwed it up to begin with.”

“Oh, I understand. But we can’t give you your miles back for free. There is a $100 charge per ticket to redeposit your miles. What credit card will you be using?” asked the US Unfair Shrew.

Suffice it to say I am not redepositing my miles, nor did I buy my ticket on US Airways. I bought the ticket on Southwest, and was pleasantly surprised that it was cheaper and a direct flight, getting me in to Orlando an hour earlier than US Unfair would have. So, I’ve dumped US Air for Southwest. I’m sure lots of other airlines would love to have the 125+ flights per year that I used to book on US Unfair.

Tampa, FL – Albany, NY | Southwest #3905 (5/23) | 9C

May 25, 2008

Well this was kind of a mess but I am grateful I got home. I was supposed to be on United Tampa to Albany, connecting through Dulles, departing at 1:40 and landing at 6:25. I was with Stacie, and she had an even tighter flight, 12:35 to LaGuardia. But, our clients were chatty and it wasn’t meant to be.

We screeched into Tampa on two wheels at approximately 1:15. In a surprising twist of fate Stacie had to change to a flight with a connection, and I got a direct flight on Southwest. I’ve never been a big fan of Southwest as I don’t like the waiting on line and jockeying for a seat. On this day however I was a big fan.

The flight was uneventful, the luggage was returned quickly, and the flight attendant gave me an extra pack of peanuts. Everyone was happy. Even the creepy guy with the panhandle mustache couldn’t bug me – thank goodness for my iphone.

Everyone got home at a decent hour, which was miraculous given the holiday weekend. I just hope we all do so well when we fly back to Tampa tomorrow. I am giving Southwest another try since it is a direct flight.