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Miami, FL – Toronto, Canada | AA 1552 | 3A

December 17, 2010

So I was able to get the second to last seat in business class (late upgrade) and I got stuck with the bulkhead – the seat sucks and there is no space for your legs and your bag has to go up.  Avoid at all costs if possible – dare I say a emergency seat is better.  BUT there was lunch served…I’ll take it.

Had no issues checking in, on the plane, or getting my bag – all smooth considering I was going up North to the cold.  And IT WAS COLD – have not been exposed to these harsh conditions in a very long time.  Now I know why I like it so much in Miami.

Unlike Randy, it seem like I will only be a Platinum AA customer next week – a real shame…the complimentary upgrades are KEY.  So Randy, here is to you and your status…


Dallas, TX – Miami, FL | AA 1740 | 4G

September 17, 2010

Spent the morning at the Admirals Club in Dallas and had some breakfast…layover was very short which was absolutely fine by me.  Once again, I was not able to check the three pieces to the main cabin – seems there is some consistency now…

Flight to Miami was smooth and I was able to get some more sleep – arrived on time in Miami.  Door to door the trip from the Buenos Aires hotel to my house was about 20 hours…

Miami, FL – Dallas, TX | AA 2207 | 18F

September 15, 2010

It has been a long time since my last post – I have since changed jobs and am now working with Research in Motion (Blackberry) for the LATAM region. Travel has not really slowed down, I have been to Chile and Mexico in the last four weeks and I am on my way to Buenos Aires now. Flying through Dallas on this trip – direct flights were booked.

While most airports are plagued in the winter with delays, Miami has to deal with summer showers and lightening. My flight was delayed as the crew for our plane was diverted to West Palm Beach, FL. Luckily there was an alternative crew in Miami which made the wait fairly short. However, before closing the doors, there seems to be an issue with one of the overhead bins…would not close, so maintenance had to come on board and fix it. Total delay time about 1 hour – could be worse.

I decided to watch “The Crazies” on the plane – brought my own DVD (rental from Netflix) – had to keep the volume low on the earphones to avoid any unnecessary jumping. At least time went by fast…now I am in the admirals club – must say it is one of the nicer ones that I have stayed at.

Pretty tired and hungry, believe it or not, I am looking forward to the plane food and some sleep. Which reminds me, I have a friend that actually LIKES airplane food – you know who you are and we are waiting for some interesting posts from you…

Miami, FL – NYC, NY | AA1256 | 9E

July 19, 2010

Unable to get an upgrade – was a good run to what is coming my way.  As of March I lose my Executive Platinum status…and I am dreading it…what a treat it was.

Monday morning flight to NYC was PACKED – the Miami airport in general was unbearable.  I was actually able to catch a little sleep on the flight.

No food – just ginger ale…not nice.

Flight was slightly delayed – no big deal… 

NYC, NY – Miami, FL | AA2093 | 6E

July 19, 2010

The line through security was upheld by a man that was so meticulous about folding his sweater, jacket, taking of his shoes, etc. that the line behind him became longer and longer.

Looking forward to coming back to the Miami weather – even if it is cold there…not cold compared to the North.

Flight was smooth…what was very nice is that the flight attendent went to everyone, shook their hand and thank them for flying with AA.

Miami, FL – San Jose, Costa Rica | AA 2141 | 4F

July 19, 2010

Costa Rica seems to be a top destination for me, I was just there a few weeks ago – I wish I could say it is for vacation, but all visit to the country have been for work.

The flight was delayed as the crew had not arrived – assume they were delayed on another flight and so the domino effect starts.  The food was very good and the rest of the flight was very smooth.  My stay in Costa Rica will be short once again, as I will only be staying for two nights.

On way back I have an extremely early flight back – always fun to get up at 4AM…

Miami, FL – San Jose, Costa Rica | AA 1051 | 5F

July 6, 2010

Flight to Costa Rica was a breeze – was expecting more traffic at the airport being 4th of July weekend an all, not the case.  I guess it will be a zoo today.  I was able to upgrade on this flight and on the way back as well.

Loud kid on board crying and wanting to get off plane – good luck with that.  Overall the flight was smooth except for some patches of turbulence – really do not enjoy those and always gets my heart beat pumping.

You may have noticed, but Randy will be posting on this blog now as well…he is probably more in a plane than office.  Randy will also be moving to Europe soon to start a new job – I fear his flying status will drop significantly…

Miami, FL – Managua, Nicaragua | AA 969 | 4J

June 27, 2010

My first trip of the year that is for personal travel – on my way with my wife to Managua, Nicaragua to attend the wedding of a very good friend.  I was able to upgrade Carmen and me last minute – even though the flight is just 2.5 hours it was worth it.

The flight was slightly delayed – we flew in a 767-300 which I thought was a large plane for the route, but it was pretty full.  Flight was flawless…I did forget that you need to pay $5 when you enter Nicaragua – which of course I did not have so Carmen had to go ahead and visit the ATM.

Hoping for a great wedding.

Miami, FL – Houston, TX | AA 1263 | 14A

June 27, 2010

Another wedding…my wife’s family is larger than most medium sized businesses, so there is always some kind of event going on.  This time we are of to Houston to attend the wedding of one of her many cousins.  Last time I was in Houston was almost two years ago – an really not the best of times.

The flight is completely empty – left on time and is scheduled to arrive on time as well.  I must say that American Airlines is really starting to grow on me…and there seems to be an honest change in their all around service.

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Miami, FL | AA 930 | 21H

May 31, 2010

I have been spoiled and when time to check-in came and I was not able to upgrade I was depressed…Long flights are just not supposed to be flown in Economy.  At the very least I had an emergency exit seat – however, trying to get sleep was a mission.  And while the business cabin in our plane had been updated, the Economy cabin looked like something out of 1990 with minimal up-keeping.

Flight left and arrived on time, unfortunately the conveyor belt was damaged, so the wait for my suitcase took about 1 hour, this at 7:30AM.  It was great to come home though after being gone for a week.  Tomorrow I am off to New Orleans…

As I look at my miles I still seem so far away from Platinum, not to even mention Executive P.