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Tampa to Albany, err LaGuardia | Delta #2761 | Seat 22A

December 15, 2009

Was in Tampa for two days for a TV shoot and heading back to Albany tonight. It was critical I get home tonight due to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. All was working just fine – left Innisbrook on time, got to the airport early – but then US Airways had other plans for me.

My flight from Tampa to Reagan National was delayed to the point that I’d miss my connection. They had no other flights that would get me close to the Albany – heck, the NY area – so I had quite the situation. The US Airways agent was wonderful, she immediately got on the phone with Delta who gave me their last seat. I wish I remembered the ticket agent’s name as she was great.

I ran over to Delta to check my bag and get my boarding pass and they couldn’t find me in their system. The ticket agent there was wonderful as well – she dropped everything to help and had me on my way quickly. Thank you Melinda and Happy Holidays!

I made it through security quickly and saw my flight was delayed so I crashed Pappy’s happening dinner at the Bacardi restaurant in Terminal D in Tampa and then made my flight with ease. And, best part yet, the tail wins carried us faster and we landed pretty close to on schedule. I could have done without the 2.5 hour car ride to get home, but I’m happy I’ll make it there.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this is my LAST FLIGHT OF THE YEAR!!! That feels like a cause for celebration in and of itself!


Tampa to Dulles | United #312 | Seat 5A connecting to Dulles to Albany | United #7472 | Seat 8A on 11/6/09

November 8, 2009

It was a pleasant surprise that I got out of town in time to get home by dinner. Until the pleasant surprise became a flight delay due to mechanical trouble. Upgraded to first class on the way to Dulles but I have to say, first class sure isn’t what it used to be. The snack up front? The same one in the back – snack mix. I mean, seriously. Can you spare a cookie or something? Anyway, got in, got to my connecting gate, and then sat. At least I cribbed a seat by the charger station and got some work done. We were a little over an hour late but I appreciated United’s very frequent and very accurate updates.