Dallas, TX – Miami, FL | AA 1646 | 3A


Well readers, this is a special blog entry.  Why?   Not because, we are an hour late leaving Dallas.   Not because, the Admirals Club at the C concourse provided amazing customer service after I left my winter coat in their lounge five days ago, and they kept it safe for me to pick-up.   But, because on this flight, I re-qualify for my Executive Platinum status for the 2011.   Yes, I have flown 100, 318 miles in 2010 once I touch down in Miami from this flight.    Anyone who has flown this many miles in one calendar year will attest that it is a lot of travel.  You really must have a love for travel, a love for your job, and/or a special love that will allow you to not be seen regularly because you have to away from home a great deal to reach this goal.

Now, the status factor is not the sought after perk.  The convenience factor is the real reward for flying this much.   No fees for checked bags, business class upgrades at no charge, priority check-in to get an overhead bin, and special stand-by rules are the real reasons for “going the extra mile” to make “status” each year.      i can share crazy stories of my fellow travel friends that have flown to Las Vegas for an hour to make status, or a certain someone that flew to Madrid for the weekend to make status.  Yes, the road warriors value these benefits THAT MUCH!  Yahoo!, I’m good until Feb 2012.

Oh!  This is also my first flight from Dallas to Miami that has Wi-FI on the aircraft.   This might actually be my oversight as I always choose 767 or 777 aircraft for my flights between these two cities.

I don’t know if I will be a r0ad warrior in 2011, so there may  be fewer blog entries, so I hope that they have been informative.

Safe travels (Buen Viaje)!


Former Road Warrior - Randy Moreau



One Response to “Dallas, TX – Miami, FL | AA 1646 | 3A”

  1. claudia adriasola Says:

    Randy, fellow road warrior, you left out one condition that executive platinums must have and that is be a little crazy… And BTW, did AA contribute in any way to this posting? Hope you make it home safely.

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