Miami, FL – Dallas, TX | AA 996 | 2J


Guest Blogger on “High on Jet Fuel”!!!

Amazingly smooth travel experience from beginning to end. I was dropped off at the “Priority Area’ of American Airlines at Terminal D in Miami. Getting the boarding pass took seconds at the check-in counter. The TSA security was really backed-up at the terminal entrance, but my time was 20% of those who didn’t use the Priority lane for Exec Plats/Business Class.

The New “again” Admirals club is open at gate D15, which use to be the old “A’ terminal before the new “extendo” D terminal was hatched. My departure gate was D14, so I could arrive and board without breaking my stride. Interesting in that I am booked this flight specifically for its aircraft (Boeing 777) and I needed a few extra miles to hold my status for 2011/2012. If you are ever going to Minneapolis from Miami, there is an evening non-stop each day. When booking on line, I was able to chose the business class seats right at my reservation time. I requested an upgrade and ended up in the “true first class” for the flight when my upgrade processed a few days before the flight. Needless to say, the two hours felt like two minutes and the amazingly attentive and polite flight attendant kept the mimosas coming to 2J. I was feeling so pleased that I gave her one of those little service award slips. You get them when you make Executive Platinum each year. I always throw them in my computer bag. Forgetting them is easy as they are in some inside pocket with a zipper. The flight attendant was too good not to acknowledge her service. I don’t know what they get when they receive them, but every time I give one to a gate agent, flight attendance, etc., they appear to be truly touched and pleased to be getting one. I would “pay it forward” if you have some to give. Dig them out and give them when deserving. They also expire, so no sense saving them.

The flight landed on time. I transferred from the D terminal to the A terminal to wait for my next flight to Minneapolis.

See next blog entry.


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