Dallas, TX – Minneapolis, MN | AA 1175 | 4A


Guest Blogger again!

I scanned quickly the history of previous posts on HJF and I didn’t see a “Gogo Inflight” post. I had promised Felix over a year ago, to make a post from 32,000 feet using the on-board internet. It is challenging to deliver on such a promise in that very few flights have the service. American announced a long time ago, at least two years ago, that they would be installing the service on their Boeing 737 and MD80 aircraft in a phased manner. Phasing must be… as each aircraft had its annual service. Or it could have meant as it phased from the West Coast to the East Coast as I have seen this on most aircraft on the West Coast, but few on the East Coast routes. They must be playing to Tech companies in San Jose.

So…my flight left on time. When the pilot rang the little bell that signals the flight attendance to say that “All flights on American are non-smoking..blah..blah…blah..you can now use all approved portable electronic devices. For a list of approved devices, you can refer to the back of the American Way magazine in the seat back pocket in front of you. I would recite more of the announcement, but that would be “showing off”. Can we say…travel animal!

I whipped out my Mac and let the Wi-fi grab the signal. I launched the browser which immediately took me to Gogo’s website. I had established an account some time ago with my CC information. After two clicks and ping of $9.95 against my CC (Felix, you owe me a beer..imported please!), I was connected to the internet. E-mails came down immediately, I check the stock market, and went to WordPress to write this entry.

I’m somewhere over Missouri now as I hit the “publish” but for this entry. No words for the impressive connection and browsing speed. Welcome to what I think is the first in-flight blog posting to HJF.

We will assume that I arrive safely and all else goes well with the flight!



One Response to “Dallas, TX – Minneapolis, MN | AA 1175 | 4A”

  1. Felix Leander Says:

    Will definitely get you that beer now! Thanks for writing, please keep them coming.

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