Miami, FL – Dallas, TX | AA 2207 | 18F


It has been a long time since my last post – I have since changed jobs and am now working with Research in Motion (Blackberry) for the LATAM region. Travel has not really slowed down, I have been to Chile and Mexico in the last four weeks and I am on my way to Buenos Aires now. Flying through Dallas on this trip – direct flights were booked.

While most airports are plagued in the winter with delays, Miami has to deal with summer showers and lightening. My flight was delayed as the crew for our plane was diverted to West Palm Beach, FL. Luckily there was an alternative crew in Miami which made the wait fairly short. However, before closing the doors, there seems to be an issue with one of the overhead bins…would not close, so maintenance had to come on board and fix it. Total delay time about 1 hour – could be worse.

I decided to watch “The Crazies” on the plane – brought my own DVD (rental from Netflix) – had to keep the volume low on the earphones to avoid any unnecessary jumping. At least time went by fast…now I am in the admirals club – must say it is one of the nicer ones that I have stayed at.

Pretty tired and hungry, believe it or not, I am looking forward to the plane food and some sleep. Which reminds me, I have a friend that actually LIKES airplane food – you know who you are and we are waiting for some interesting posts from you…


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