Miami, FL – Liberia, Costa Rica | AA 2127 | 14A


Nothing too note worthy about this flight except the destination and airport.   American has one round-trip daily to Liberia, Costa Rica located in the Guancaste region (Northern Pacific coast).   This is one of those turn around flights where the crew doesn’t even get off the plane. They unload the aircraft, do a quick touch-up (aka as cleaning) and then load the return flight passengers.   According to our tour guide who is from Liberia, the flights began about five years ago when the Four Seasons built a huge property on the Golfo de Papagayo.   Now Delta, Continental, Air Canada and American service the airport with the same “down and up” turn arounds.   It has been sometime since I’ve arrived as such a rustic airport, but I always love the charm as you feel that you are traveling to someplace exotic and tropical.    They say that the airport and flights have completely transformed the tourism industry and the socio-economic standards of the region.   They now receive over 350,000 passengers annually at the LIR airport.

Since flights were costing over $575 for a flight that is less than three hours, I chose to use miles for the flight.   This is a hard decision for an Executive Platinum junkie to make.   First, you don’t accumulate miles to re-qualify for next year’s status.  Second, you have minimal chance of an upgrade which comes free if you are on a purchased ticket, and finally you part with miles that could be used on upgrades for much longer flights.   But life in 14A wasn’t all that bad for the short time that I was there.  The crew was less than friendly, and they made the exit row passengers put ALL bags in the overhead bins.   We could put nothing under the seats in front of us.    This must be an over the water rule or something, as it doesn’t happen to me on domestic flights.    I had this happen once on a flight form Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina while traveling on LAN.

The flight was on-time with no meal, but the destination was excellent.  Pura Vida from guest blogger, Randy.


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