Calgary, Alberta – Dallas, TX | AA 694| 4A


Now this post is just slightly late as I flew on June 14th, but I promised our man Felix a guest post.   The post was suppose to be from 31,000 feet as the aircraft was equipped with G0-Go In-flight Internet service.    This was the third time that I had used internet in flight.   In September 2009 from Palm Springs to Dallas, and in May of this year from Dallas to Minneapolis, I was traveling on 737 aircraft that had been refurbished completely.   Part of the refurbishment is the inclusion of In-flight internet service.   The service is rather impressive as you can do just about anything that you would do through a a regular internet connection.   I did a bank transfer, connected to our work VPN to approve an expense report, chatted endlessly on MSN messenger, and to show off, printed to an office printer.    If you have the chance on a future flight, do purchase the service.   Your will forget that you are traveling and even be irked that you are landing as you will be in the middle of something and have to disconnect.    An interesting thing about the service from Calgary is that the service doesn’t begin until the aircraft is 100 miles into the US airspace.  The cost wasn’t more than $12 US dollars and worth every penny of it.

Oh, as for the flight…smooth, on-time, service was friendly.    SInce I was upgraded, I had a lunch and a few glasses of wine.   All and all, an excellent flight!   From your guest blogger, Randy Moreau


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