Managua, Nicaragua – Miami, FL | AA970 | 4D


Wedding was a blast, Carmen is a bit hung over – we were lucky enough to get an upgrade again – good for her as she can sleep it over.

The take off was a bit rough, as there was turbulence – pilot was also a little heavy on the throttle – pulling back quickly, felt like the plane was going to stall.

Once we reached cruising altitude – sailing was smooth…

Nicaragua was extremely hot and muggy, sitting in a church without A/C and a suit can be pretty brutal.  Anyway, what I am looking forward to the most is arriving at Miami and not having to deal with “The Room”.  For about two years while the residency application was in progress I would have to go through a secondary immigration check which on average took about 1-1.5 hours after every international flight – and I had a lot of those between 2008-2009.


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