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Miami, FL – Managua, Nicaragua | AA 969 | 4J

June 27, 2010

My first trip of the year that is for personal travel – on my way with my wife to Managua, Nicaragua to attend the wedding of a very good friend.  I was able to upgrade Carmen and me last minute – even though the flight is just 2.5 hours it was worth it.

The flight was slightly delayed – we flew in a 767-300 which I thought was a large plane for the route, but it was pretty full.  Flight was flawless…I did forget that you need to pay $5 when you enter Nicaragua – which of course I did not have so Carmen had to go ahead and visit the ATM.

Hoping for a great wedding.


Managua, Nicaragua – Miami, FL | AA970 | 4D

June 27, 2010

Wedding was a blast, Carmen is a bit hung over – we were lucky enough to get an upgrade again – good for her as she can sleep it over.

The take off was a bit rough, as there was turbulence – pilot was also a little heavy on the throttle – pulling back quickly, felt like the plane was going to stall.

Once we reached cruising altitude – sailing was smooth…

Nicaragua was extremely hot and muggy, sitting in a church without A/C and a suit can be pretty brutal.  Anyway, what I am looking forward to the most is arriving at Miami and not having to deal with “The Room”.  For about two years while the residency application was in progress I would have to go through a secondary immigration check which on average took about 1-1.5 hours after every international flight – and I had a lot of those between 2008-2009.

Miami, FL – Houston, TX | AA 1263 | 14A

June 27, 2010

Another wedding…my wife’s family is larger than most medium sized businesses, so there is always some kind of event going on.  This time we are of to Houston to attend the wedding of one of her many cousins.  Last time I was in Houston was almost two years ago – an really not the best of times.

The flight is completely empty – left on time and is scheduled to arrive on time as well.  I must say that American Airlines is really starting to grow on me…and there seems to be an honest change in their all around service.