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Sao Paulo, Brazil – Miami, FL | AA 930 | 21H

May 31, 2010

I have been spoiled and when time to check-in came and I was not able to upgrade I was depressed…Long flights are just not supposed to be flown in Economy.  At the very least I had an emergency exit seat – however, trying to get sleep was a mission.  And while the business cabin in our plane had been updated, the Economy cabin looked like something out of 1990 with minimal up-keeping.

Flight left and arrived on time, unfortunately the conveyor belt was damaged, so the wait for my suitcase took about 1 hour, this at 7:30AM.  It was great to come home though after being gone for a week.  Tomorrow I am off to New Orleans…

As I look at my miles I still seem so far away from Platinum, not to even mention Executive P.


Miami, FL – Sao Paolo, Brazil | AA 929 | 5D

May 23, 2010

Anxiously waiting for an upgrade for this flight and I got it last minute during check-in.  Good thing too as this was a long flight.  The eight hours flying were extremely smooth – very little turbulence which allowed for some decent sleep.  The flight left on time and arrive a bit early in Brazil.

I am in Brazil for work and to give several presentations – very much looking forward to this next week…always happy to be here, have good memories even during tough times.

Almost a little more than a year ago – Sao Paolo saved my dad’s life.

Miami, FL – Caracas, Venezuela | AA 935 | 18C

May 3, 2010

Some what special to come back to a country that you lived in for 9 years…even though a lot has changed.  Everything was extremely easy and smooth.  No delays, no waiting, and smooth flying.  My only issue – the 757 cabins are really old and not well kept…a pity.

Was able to get a emergency exit seat…will be here for 4 days…