San Juan, PR – Fort Lauderdale, FL | B6 1760 | 3D


Just to make a point, as on my last post Tim commented and mentioned that I probably work for a competing airline of JetBlue – I do not work or represent any airline or anyone in the airline industry. Ironically, Tim sent his comment from a JetBlue IP address.

Having learned from my past flight with JetBlue, I packed my suit as there are no closest in the cabin of their planes to hang them.  I arrived at the San Juan airport early to avoid the traffic and was greeted with the news that the flight had been delayed by three hours – instead of leaving at 6:15PM it would now be 9:20PM.  The delay was due to bad weather – all I could do is sit back and relax.  Internet access was spotty and I was too tired to read – instead I roamed the San Juan airport – not much to roam.

Except for the delay – flight home was smooth and I was able to get some sleep.  We did not land until about 11:45PM and I did not get home until about 1AM – had to drive from FLL down to Miami.

Next week I am off to Caracas…


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