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San Juan, PR – Fort Lauderdale, FL | B6 1760 | 3D

April 28, 2010

Just to make a point, as on my last post Tim commented and mentioned that I probably work for a competing airline of JetBlue – I do not work or represent any airline or anyone in the airline industry. Ironically, Tim sent his comment from a JetBlue IP address.

Having learned from my past flight with JetBlue, I packed my suit as there are no closest in the cabin of their planes to hang them.  I arrived at the San Juan airport early to avoid the traffic and was greeted with the news that the flight had been delayed by three hours – instead of leaving at 6:15PM it would now be 9:20PM.  The delay was due to bad weather – all I could do is sit back and relax.  Internet access was spotty and I was too tired to read – instead I roamed the San Juan airport – not much to roam.

Except for the delay – flight home was smooth and I was able to get some sleep.  We did not land until about 11:45PM and I did not get home until about 1AM – had to drive from FLL down to Miami.

Next week I am off to Caracas…


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – San Juan, PR | B6 1757 | 2D

April 26, 2010

This was the first time that I flew with JetBlue – and to be very honest I had pretty high expectations, which were quickly brought down once I boarded.  You see, this plane configuration did not have any closets to hang a suit…when I asked the flight attendant she told me to place it in the carry-on bins.  I might as well wrinkle the suit at home, put it in my luggage piece.

As this was an “international” flight, DirecTV only worked for the first few minutes, we quickly lost signal…cannot plane JetBlue for that – instead they had a selection of two movies.  We actually landed 30mins early and the flight was really smooth.  I did enjoy the FREE chocolate chip cookies!

Overall I did not find anything special flying JetBlue – I did “upgrade” for more leg space, but it was not a game changer in anyway.  Getting ready to leave Puerto Rico and head back home via Ft Lauderdale…hope I find my car.