Miami, FL – Guatemala City, Guatemala | AA981 | 5E


Ah yes, Super Bowl weekend in Miami – the city of sin was sinning more than ever with the presence of so many celebrities (saw one paparazzi at the airport trying to get a photo of a woman and her daughter – she refused, not sure who it was – but definitely someone from LATAM) and athletes gathering in on place.  Happy the Saints won, well deserved.

MIA was a complete zoo this morning – there was a long line for security and a long line on the runway for us to get out.  Coupled with the fact that a navigation instrument had to be fixed before take off (just love those), the flight was delayed for about 1 hour.  Not so bad, spent most of the time emailing and working on various documents.

Flight was very smooth and the food was very decent.  I must say, traveling with people is so much more fun than going solo.


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