Miami to LGA | American forgot flight # | 4E (1/7)


I was supposed to head to Milwaukee last night but unfortunately the big storm in the midwest caused the airline to cancel my flight around noon. So, I redirected back to NYC via American Airlines. I had heard that security at MIA was a mess so I practically just upped and left my meeting to make sure I had plenty of time at the airport. Turns out there were no lines to check-in and security was quick and efficient. Nice job TSA.

After touring terminal D I finally got to terminal E, grabbed a coffee, and got ready to board. The guy sitting next to me in American first was interesting, very interesting. He was all pimped out wearing a wide pinstripe suit, fuscia argyle socks, driving loafers, a bright pink shirt, a floral tie and blinged out glasses. He used more product in his hair yesterday than I’ll use all month. He was perfectly lovely as evidenced by his heartfelt apology when he spilled his coffee on my suit. 🙂 I was trying to figure out what he did for work and was surprised to learn that he works for a very big and very corporate investment bank. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by the cover.

Anyway, more importantly, I was starving. I was hoping that we’d get a meal since it was a 3 hour flight and not a basket of crap like they serve on US Air. I had a choice between a cobb salad with chicken or a burger. I took the burger and i have to say that it was awesome. Like, charbroiled, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles – awesome. Like, if i were in a pub right now, i would order that burger. Suffice it to say I devoured the whole thing, and two glasses of wine, and yes, i’ll admit it, the warm toffee cookie. Nice job American.

Landed without incident, got my bags quickly, and headed out. No more flights until…Monday.


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