Albany to Tampa | Southwest 3070 | Seat 7A


My Facebook status said it all – “Erin Byrne landed safely. On time. With no craziness. What a nice change of pace.”

I won’t bore you with my complaining about the car service sending a stretch (again, ugh, how tacky). I appreciated the chit chat by the security guys who know my travel woes as well as anyone who read this blog. Short line at Starbucks and no line for the Bank of America ATM. I actually really LOVE the Albany International (ish) Airport.

The flight was perfect. Left early, landed early, my seatmate was non-descript. But the Southwest folks had a little fun with the holidays. The safety briefing was delivered to “Twas the Night before Christmas” with rhymes and all, and the landing speech was sung, yes at the top of their lungs over the intercom, to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

“Welcome to Southwest Airlines
Jingle jingle all the way
We’re out to make you happy
All throughout the holidays…”

You get the idea. Cute. A little too cheery for me, but it was cute. Happy Holidays. (Five flights to go and then I am done for the year!)


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