Newark to Milwaukee on Continental and back again Milwaukee to Laguardia on AirTran 12/2/09


Gotta love the day trip. No luggage to drag around, no waking up in the middle of the night wondering what city you are in and no hotel elevators. (I hate hotel elevators but I’ll save that for another post.)

Took a day trip to Milwaukee for a client meeting. I’m interested to spend more time there because it looks like a warm (feeling, not temperature) city. The client meeting went well and the client asked me to take a later flight back so we could do some follow up work and meet on some other projects. Sometimes “later flight” really means “later, later flight.”

Got to the airport with Tom Dowling – my flight was 6:45 and his was 6:48 – so we had plenty of time for a quick dinner and adult beverage. Until we saw my flight was two hours delayed. Tom ate and ran, I ate and found a Starbucks and then drank coffee for three hours. Ever notice how a two hour delay is never really a two hour delay?

It was the longest day I had in a while – 3:00am eyes open until 2:00am eyes closed – but it doesn’t happen often and I’m fine. Although I think my friends are getting tired of my whining about my travel woes on Facebook. 🙂


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