Newark – Tampa | JetBlue #537 | Seat 4A | 11/4/09


Was it really only a week ago that I was ranting about how I’d never travel JetBlue again because they held me hostage for 3.5 hours? Wow does it seem longer ago?

Well, after a flu scare and missing two days from work I had to find a way to get to the office in the morning for several hours of meetings and then to Tampa by dinner. Not such an easy thing to do, especially when you live near Albany. I was REALLY hoping for one of those nice Delta flights out of LaGuardia that have wireless in the air, but noooooo. JFK? Nothing. My only option was JetBlue out of Newark. So, I booked it.

I have to confess, the flight was flawless. We boarded easily, we took off on time, the DirectTV kept me entertained while I plowed through a pile of work and the flight attendant gave me extra orange juice since I wasn’t feeling well. Cesar, the aforementioned flight attendant, was delightful and his excellent service was very much appreciated. It was a good flight. And, when we landed, I walked up to baggage claim just as the bags were coming out. Yeah, that is the idea.

As satisfied as I was, I still think JetBlue has a communications problem. When I wrote in to the website about the issues I faced last week they sent me a lame apology email two days later. Puh-lease! Give me a break. They told me how sorry they were but made no offer of compensation. It was only when I wrote back again and asked if the incident was a Controllable Irregularity or Uncontrollable Irregularity, which of course defines whether there is compensation, that they came clean and offered me a round trip ticket. Listen up JetBlue. You need to communicate with your customers. That was the problem last week – no one was happy we were delayed but it was the lack of information that had people screaming.

Flights like yesterday’s encourage me that there is hope, but I’m not drinking the koolaid just yet.


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