Ft. Lauderdale – Tampa | SW 168 | Pre-flight


The opportunities to post here keep on coming. This time at security on my way to get Southwest flight 168 from Ft. Lauderdale. Connie and I were prepping our belongings to go through the security checkpoint and she put her bins on the conveyor belt so she could begin the airport strip tease (you know what I’m talking about – taking off shoes, belts, bras with metal underwires, haha) and running them through the x-ray machine. This woman, let’s call her Alice, comes running by like she is late for a funeral and and jumps the line. Connie and I look at each other and start laughing at her rudeness. Just as she spreads her stuff out EVERYWHERE she realizes that she needs more bins. She runs around us, now to the back of the line, to grab more bins. Connie was quite indignant and grabbed her stuff and jumped Alice in line, regaining her rightful position. I let Alice know that she should at least be prepared if she was cutting the line. Oh yeah, and she almost lost her drivers license which I picked off the floor. The security gods were on our side though as they confiscated her cooler filled with who-knows-what and sent her off for secondary screening. I hope she isn’t going to Tampa.

Oh yeah, let’s chat about Sally, the insurance saleswoman who is sitting next to me and screaming into her phone at the top of her lungs. Dude, I am pretty sure your customers don’t want you blabbing their names and private information in your phone loud enough for everyone in the terminal for me to hear.

I should mention that I love Southwest. The ticket agent was awesome and helped me with a problem with my ticket and the announcements are abundant. Thanks!



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