LGA – FT Lauderdale | Jet Blue 375 |#10A, aka “why i hate jet blue”


I haven’t written here in a while, but sometimes something happens that just spurs you into action. Today was that day for me with this blog. It started innocently enough – I got to the airport on time and boarded my flight. We went out to the runway and then stopped. And sat. And sat. Other planes went on by and took off but we sat. Finally, an announcement that there was a problem with the fuel gauge and we were going back to the gate for maintenance. Ok, fair enough. Better safe than sorry.

We got back to the gate and the captain announced we’d be 15-20 minutes. An hour passed. He announced we’d be another 10-15 minutes. A half hour passed. I asked to get off the plane to get a snack. They said no. I asked for some water. They said they weren’t serving food and beverage until we were in the air. Eventually they announced that “wahlah, the problem was solved and the maintenance crew was finishing final paperwork – we’d be ready to go (for real) in 15 more minutes.”

As you can ptobably assume by now, fifteen minutes passed, and then another, and then came the apology – that after close to 3.5 hours they were taking the plane out of service. So now I am sitting at gate B5 waiting to hear how I will get to my meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. There is no announcement and the gate agents don’t know what is going on. They have no information other than “we are TRYING to get a plane here from JFK but it is raining out…”

Stay tuned.


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