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Miami, FL – Guatemala City, Guatemala | American Airlines AA983 | 5E

July 17, 2009

I had heard from people that landing in Guatemala City airport can be “exciting” – it is in a valley and winds can be tricky…I had forgotten about this until we were landing – and HOLY COW was it freaky…quick drop, bumpy, and rough…definitely not the way I enjoy my landings.

Heart beat was up there and hands were gripping the “oh shit” armrests with the force of HE-MAN.  I am expecting takeoff not to be an issue at all – but I should not hold my breath for that either.

On a side note, I am in Antigua – what a beautiful city…


Mexico City, Mexico – Miami, FL | American Airlines 2114 | 6F

July 12, 2009

Early morning flights are always a bitch – getting up at 4AM is never fun – unless of course you are going freediving.  Everything went more than smooth and I actually passed out for most of the flight – did not have breakfast or watched any movie.

Immigration was quick and easy…it was ALL GOOD – except that I missed my cougar.

Miami, FL – Mexico City, Mexico | AA 2115 | 6E

July 10, 2009
Courgar Love - boarding pass with a flirt

Courgar Love - boarding pass with a flirt

American Airlines made my day at the counter – the image above says it all…I was checked in by a good looking cougar who started talking to me about my trip – not the usual counter questions.  Needless to say, after a few lip pouts and eyelash flatters I started to get the feeling that she was flirting with me…as I left and looked down on my boarding pass – expecting to find a circle – I found a heart – HAAAAAAAAA…no delay, mechanical problem, or bad service could bring my down now – my day and flight was made.

Of course I had to twitter and Facebook this experience – one of my collegues said, and I quote: “The things you do to women, Leander. Powerful.” – just oozing with sarcasm…

Thank you American Airlines – and particularly you Ms. Cougar where ever you are for the love…