Miami, FL – Los Angeles, CA | AA 271 | 4H


Being that it was just memorial weekend I was under the assumption that MIA would be a complete zoo – it was actually pretty quiet all considering.  Just to make sure I got to the airport two hours prior to departure.  The flight was absolutely packed and pretty much everyone on the flight was passed out – the 3 days of partying in Miami must have gotten the best of people…Memorial Day Weekend is also home to a huge HIP HOP conference in Miami.

The captain must have been a stand-up comedian prior to being a pilot – and honestly he was pretty good – found myself laughing a few times.  Told us there were a lot of things he could tell us about our flight path, but thought there was not real point to it and we would see him as just another babbling captain.

Aside from the in-flight entertainment (and I do not mean the DVR) the flight was uneventful – just the way I like it.


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