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Los Angeles, CA – Miami, FL | AA 456 | 2A

May 30, 2009
B/W view from plane

B/W view from plane

So I was supposed to be back in Miami yesterday – unfortuntately my flight was canceled due to a windshield failure, AA did not have any replacement plans at the time and there were no other flights that would get me into Miami the same day.

While AA was nice enough to provide me with a hotel room for the night, they only gave me two $10 vouchers (lunch and dinner) which barely got me a coffee. I did write them, explained the situation, and recevied a 15,000 mile credit on my Advantage account.

So today my day started very early – 4AM to catch a 6:15AM flight direct to Miami. The flight was extremely uneventful and the pilot very boring compare to the last one coming to Miami.

Now I just hope I remember where I left my car parked…


Miami, FL – Los Angeles, CA | AA 271 | 4H

May 26, 2009

Being that it was just memorial weekend I was under the assumption that MIA would be a complete zoo – it was actually pretty quiet all considering.  Just to make sure I got to the airport two hours prior to departure.  The flight was absolutely packed and pretty much everyone on the flight was passed out – the 3 days of partying in Miami must have gotten the best of people…Memorial Day Weekend is also home to a huge HIP HOP conference in Miami.

The captain must have been a stand-up comedian prior to being a pilot – and honestly he was pretty good – found myself laughing a few times.  Told us there were a lot of things he could tell us about our flight path, but thought there was not real point to it and we would see him as just another babbling captain.

Aside from the in-flight entertainment (and I do not mean the DVR) the flight was uneventful – just the way I like it.

Boss Town to Chi Town – 5/18 (United)

May 20, 2009


Nobody at United (or travel agency) bothered to tell me I was in First Class — but hey, cool. It wasn’t quite like the Seinfield episode (sitting next to blonde model) this time, though the very nice lady next to me spilled water on my seat while she was headed to the crapper.

I was in first class, though – and had a nice big Tanqueray on the rocks, so I rolled with it.

I laid down the blankets that have since been cut from Coach and sat down.  Kept me as dry as a Depends.

Washington DC – Albany NY | US Air (can’t remember flight) | 4D

May 20, 2009

Just barely made my flight… was standing around outside the Burson DC office waiting to go to lunch and thinking that might flight was 4:39pm. Well, dummy that I am, the flight was 3:20 and landing at 4:39. Doh! Raced to the airport and made it just fine.

Flight was uneventful. I’m not usually a plane sleeper, especially on one of the smaller regional jets. But, I guess the stress of the last few days caught up with me and I fell asleep before take-off. It was a nice nap, nice until the woman next to me decided she needed to use the rest room and DECIDED TO CLIMB OVER ME INSTEAD OF WAKING ME UP. Which, of course, woke me and teed me off.

New York, NY – Washington, DC | US Air #1821 | 9A

May 17, 2009

Ok, so I haven’t posted here in a while. Actually, anywhere. I’ve been too busy flying around to stop and write about the experience. But, after a Facebook post tonight and some gentle nudging from friends and not-so-gentle nudging from Felix, I’m back.

So, the flight was uneventful other than the 1.5 hour maintenance delay. I’m always rather have them delay for maintenance than take off with a broken plane (duh!) but what is with the attendant who in her quest to be helpful continually announced, “This is an update for passengers flying on the 4pm shuttle to DC, #1821. I have no updates at this time.” So, you just like to hear yourself speak? Wassup?

San Francisco, CA – Miami, FL | AA 442 | 5C

May 5, 2009

It was nice to be in the new business class on AA flying back to Miami from San Francisco – usually I have always flown on the 757 which still has the old seats. It was the first time that I was able to play with the portable DVR that AA hands out during the flight and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Actually watched two movies, played some games, and listened to music without a glitch and the picture quality was great. What was not so great was lunch – the goat cheese sandwich – which hardly hand any goat cheese – was lacking.

Aside from that, flight was smooth and on time…heading out to LA at the end of month…hoping that I will be able to upgrade again..

Final thought – where is Erin