Miami, FL – San Francisco, CA | AA 431 | 4A


Up early – said goodbye to wife, mom, and dog and was back at MIA checking in to my flight to San Francisco for both a global and regional meeting.  I was lucky enough to get upgraded for the five plus hour flight and let me tell you that the blueberry pancakes were great.  I was travelling with some colleagues of which one was celebrating her b-day today (she turned 29 – so she says).  We asked the flight attendant to please mention over the intercom – and in Southwest style fashion it was done.

The flight was smooth and I had the pleasure to sit next to Claudia which gave for a great conversation and made time pass bye quick.  Pilot made a great landing – almost as good as the lady yesterday.  Flight left and arrived on time with out any issues – smooth sailing and I was also able to get a great view of the Rockies.

Rockies from plane

Rockies from plane


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