Bogota, Colombia – Miami, FL | AA 2170 | 3G


I have said it once and I will say it again, women pilots are better at landing than men.  Case and point, on my flight back to Miami, the landing was absolutely fantasic – the pilot a woman, and let me add that she was somewhat of a cougar – I could definitely see some fangs.  The flight left on time and arrived without any delays – unfortunately since I am in the process of getting my green card, I always need to go the “the room” when I arrive at any US airport.  “The room” is notorious in Miami, today I was there for over three ours.  I will not even get into the effectiveness of the people working in that place – I am sure documents could be processed a lot faster.

This flight was on a Boeing 757 – while I know the planes are fairly old yet technically and mechanically sound – American Airlines should at least upkeep the interior.  The seat in front of me was falling apart.  Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco – early in the morning on a 757 – again.

Erin – you better start writing!


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One Response to “Bogota, Colombia – Miami, FL | AA 2170 | 3G”

  1. Cely Says:

    Nice blog, Felix! Looking forward for Erin posts.

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