New Delhi, India – Mumbai, India | IT 336 | 12D (July 10)


So my stomach had been playing some major tricks on me…I had been food poisoned earlier in Miami (thanks Starbucks) and I think I was not completely cured.  So you can imagine how worried I was to fly.  Arriving at the Delhi airport – complete fear struck me…by the looks of how things were, I just knew the bathrooms were going to be disgusting – and they were :)…thank god for imodium.

What a refreshing scene it was to be on the brand new Kingfisher Airbus – CLEAN BATHROOMS.  The airline is pretty damn amazing – the food smelled and looked amazing (I was fasting for obvious reasons), the hostesses were nice and the flight was on time.  Unfortunately the entire flight was overcast.  Prior to taking off, the Kingfisher airport addresses the passengers (on personal monitors), thought that was a great touch.

When in India – fly Kingfisher – and oh yeah, their beer is pretty good as well.

I think Western airlines, particularly US airlines have a lot too learn from the Asian ones – their service is way above standard as well as the comfort level.


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