Chicago, IL – New Delhi, India | AA292 | 12D


I have officially been on my longest flight ever without a layover – 15 hours.  To my luck I slept through most of it.  Unfortunately for the people a few rows behind me the main cabin lights could not be turned off – imagine trying to sleep.

I must say that I am rather upset at the quality of the video monitors…they always have issues on American Airlines.  Not sure what the problem is, but what is the point of having onboard entertainment when you cannot enjoy it.

Having slept through the entire flight, there is really nothing more to say.  Flight left on time and landed on time.  I am just trying to get used to the radical time change – have not adjusted yet.


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2 Responses to “Chicago, IL – New Delhi, India | AA292 | 12D”

  1. Says:

    Your are correct about this current status of American airlines. i myself had similar experience few days back.

  2. fleander Says:

    Thanks for your comment – I actually contacted AA and received a prompt response. They are aware of the problem and credited me 8,000 miles. Not too bad.

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