Houston, TX – Miami, FL | AA 1294 | 4F (July 3rd)


I have lost my boarding pass for the previous flight (Miami, FL – Houston, TX)…is irrelevant at this point anyway.

Houston to Miami is only about a 2 hour flight, yet I thought it would be the longest flight I would ever be on as I received the news yesterday that a great friend of mine passed away.

Sitting next to me was a gentleman from Uruguay – he started talking to me about my watch and I was thinking: "Oh brother, that is all I need, someone making small talk…" Turns out, Eduardo was a great person to sit next to.

Sometimes you meet people that you just feel like you can tell things – Eduardo was one of those.  He told me he was having a bad day – I told him it could not be as bad as mine.  I told him about my friend and we starting talking about life…he put some clarity to my foggy mind and I thank him for that.

Our conversation went from life, to kosher food, to Chavez and by the time I knew it we were landing in Miami.  Eduardo was on his way home and very happy to see his three daughters who he has not seen in about a month – you could just feel his excitement – was outrageous.

I on the other hand went home to see my beautiful wife and tail wagging "son" – packed my bags and am now sitting on a plane headed for Chicago and then India – INDIA – how far out, literally is that.

The trip to India is work related and I was actually going to do this training session with my friend who passed.  It was not a tough decision to go ahead and still do it – feel like that is how he wanted it to be…

I miss you Kevin


One Response to “Houston, TX – Miami, FL | AA 1294 | 4F (July 3rd)”

  1. erinbyrne Says:

    You know what Felix? I know Kevin misses you too. I’m glad you had a good traveling companion. I am sure it helped.

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