San Juan PR – Charlotte NC | US Airways 791 | 3C connecting to Charlotte NC – Albany NY | US Airways 1974 | 3C


My flight from San Juan to Charlotte was uneventful. Took off on time and landed on time. The guy I sat next to was kind of interesting. He heard me on the phone waiting to take off and ask what I did. I told him I run digital for a global agency and he thought that was a fascinating job. So I asked him what he did. Tugboat driver. Yup – tugboat driver. I never really thought of driving a tugboat as a job, but apparently it is. Seems like kind of a bummer too. I think I travel a lot – this guys is gone for 70 days and then home for 21 – with 4 kids. Wow.

My next flight was a little more interesting. We all boarded and seemed ready to depart to Albany on time. Right as they closed the doors 4 guys jumped up and said, “wait, we aren’t going to NY.” The 4 guys were Marines and were trying to get to Albany, Georgia. How the Marine Corp booked them on US Air given that US Air doesn’t go to Albany Georgia is a mystery. So, we had to open the plane up to let them off, and then were delayed for close to an hour while they dug around under the plane to find the Marines’ bags. I didn’t mind though – it wasn’t their fault and the cheap wine was flowing.

I landed in Albany without incident, grabbed my bags, and hopped in the car home.



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