Miami, FL – Dallas / Fort Worth, TX | AA1379 |9D


I must say that I am pretty excited about this trip – it is not for work and Carmen (my wife) is traveling with me.  We are on our way to Colorado and looking forward to doing some outdoor activities with a great group of friends.

Carmen works for a non-profit, ANF (American Nicaraguan Foundation), one of the items of their silent auction was a cabin at the Elk Resort – so between a few people we bid on it and won.

The flight left right on time, pilot is a woman – for some reason I always feel safer when a woman is fly (don’t ask me why) – I have issues with their driving (just kidding) – plus she has gray hair, so she must know what she is doing.  We have been warned that there are strong winds in Dallas – should be an interesting landing.

In Dallas we will make our connection to Denver and from there we are renting a van and driving about 5 hours to Montrose.

The landing was the smoothest I have ever experienced – that is why I prefer female pilots – they have more touch.


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