Washington, DC – Miami, FL | AA 2025 |14C


While the stay was short I had an excellent time in DC – seminars were great.  As I was going through security, I noticed a new service called Clear – their tag line is speed through airport security, I NEED TO GET THIS.  For $128 a year and giving up some of biometric info – security lines become a thing of the past.  Unfortunately Miami does not offer the service yet – but I will be all over this when it comes.  Albany is an airport that offers the service (Erin – check it out).

Flight was delayed by about an hour due to the weather – nothing that the airline could have done about that.  Was great fun watching lighting strike the runaway.

Flight was full and boring…American Airlines seems to be this bland airline – I do not really have any complaints – but I have nothing to rave about either.  The crew was very nice on this route. 

As we approached Miami we were hit with pretty hard turbulence – lady behind me shouted: "AY DIOS MIO" – I was gripping the armrest really hard.

As I picked up my bag – I noticed that it was dragging as I rolled it away, turns out of my wheels was missing – seems like Tumi has a good warranty – let’s see if they will adhere to it.


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