Miami, FL – Washington, DC | AA 1136 | 14D


So far my flight is delayed, and looking out the window (from the gate) it seems like we are going to get a HUGE down pour of rain…it is only 5PM yet it feels like 9PM – dark and gloomy outside – great flying conditions for sure.  Have a feeling the flight is full, gate is pretty packed – hoping for the best.

I really need to start flying with Erin more often – get some excitement in my travels.  I have not come across any deer, doofuses, drunk people, people asking for jobs, etc.

So I did have a little action on the flight – there was a group of girls that were just a bit too loud – laughing and talking like chickens, and dropping bad words that made them seem really lady like.  A few people gave them the turn-around look but no one said anything.  Once we took off – the chatter died down – I assume they got tired of hearing themselves.

The flight landed on time and my bag came out within minutes of the belt starting.  I was lucky enough that my brother-in-law picked me up and took me to Chinatown to eat some, what else, Chinese food.  We serious lack Asian cuisine in Miami, so any chance I get while traveling I take.


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