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Miami, FL – London, UK | AA 56 | 13G

June 25, 2008

Is there any ever any bad / negative experience when flying business – excluding any ground issues? Everything was absolutely perfect on this flight – an Susan (flight attendant) was a real angel and engaging fellow passengers.  Fortunately I passed out for most of the flight – what a difference it makes – I have had zero jet lag, which is a good thing considering the intensive days.

I am heading back to Miami on Friday – hoping to have a similar experience, I doubt Susan will be there…which is a shame.


San Juan PR – Charlotte NC | US Airways 791 | 3C connecting to Charlotte NC – Albany NY | US Airways 1974 | 3C

June 24, 2008

My flight from San Juan to Charlotte was uneventful. Took off on time and landed on time. The guy I sat next to was kind of interesting. He heard me on the phone waiting to take off and ask what I did. I told him I run digital for a global agency and he thought that was a fascinating job. So I asked him what he did. Tugboat driver. Yup – tugboat driver. I never really thought of driving a tugboat as a job, but apparently it is. Seems like kind of a bummer too. I think I travel a lot – this guys is gone for 70 days and then home for 21 – with 4 kids. Wow.

My next flight was a little more interesting. We all boarded and seemed ready to depart to Albany on time. Right as they closed the doors 4 guys jumped up and said, “wait, we aren’t going to NY.” The 4 guys were Marines and were trying to get to Albany, Georgia. How the Marine Corp booked them on US Air given that US Air doesn’t go to Albany Georgia is a mystery. So, we had to open the plane up to let them off, and then were delayed for close to an hour while they dug around under the plane to find the Marines’ bags. I didn’t mind though – it wasn’t their fault and the cheap wine was flowing.

I landed in Albany without incident, grabbed my bags, and hopped in the car home.

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX – Miami, FL | AA1828 | 14D

June 18, 2008

Flight left on time, actually watch the movie – shared a diet Dr. Pepper with my wife and tried to catch some Zs – impossible.  At DFW we ate a very good burrito, massive garlic.  I think the whole plane got a taste of my breath…pretty bad.

Nothing exciting happened – bags came out quickly.  Thought that after this vacation my travel time would take a rest – should have know better.  I am off to London next week and then to SF and Houston in July.  I am sure something else will come up in between…but when all is said and done – I do enjoy the traveling.

Denver, Co – Dallas / Fort Worth, TX | AA 2204 | 21D

June 14, 2008

Coming back from a great vacation in Colorado.  The vacation in itself deserves a blog on its own, but I cannot author another one.  Shout out to Erin, Jan, Chris, and Nicolas for being great vacation mates.

The flight to Dallas was pretty boring, actually, nothing exciting happened at all besides the fact that I was served a tiny snack – for FREE.  Is AA going crazy?

So now I am sitting here in Dallas, waiting for my wife to bring me back a burrito – cannot wait.  Flight to Miami leaves in about 1 hour, assuming it is on time.

Miami, FL – Dallas / Fort Worth, TX | AA1379 |9D

June 7, 2008

I must say that I am pretty excited about this trip – it is not for work and Carmen (my wife) is traveling with me.  We are on our way to Colorado and looking forward to doing some outdoor activities with a great group of friends.

Carmen works for a non-profit, ANF (American Nicaraguan Foundation), one of the items of their silent auction was a cabin at the Elk Resort – so between a few people we bid on it and won.

The flight left right on time, pilot is a woman – for some reason I always feel safer when a woman is fly (don’t ask me why) – I have issues with their driving (just kidding) – plus she has gray hair, so she must know what she is doing.  We have been warned that there are strong winds in Dallas – should be an interesting landing.

In Dallas we will make our connection to Denver and from there we are renting a van and driving about 5 hours to Montrose.

The landing was the smoothest I have ever experienced – that is why I prefer female pilots – they have more touch.

Washington, DC – Miami, FL | AA 2025 |14C

June 5, 2008

While the stay was short I had an excellent time in DC – seminars were great.  As I was going through security, I noticed a new service called Clear – their tag line is speed through airport security, I NEED TO GET THIS.  For $128 a year and giving up some of biometric info – security lines become a thing of the past.  Unfortunately Miami does not offer the service yet – but I will be all over this when it comes.  Albany is an airport that offers the service (Erin – check it out).

Flight was delayed by about an hour due to the weather – nothing that the airline could have done about that.  Was great fun watching lighting strike the runaway.

Flight was full and boring…American Airlines seems to be this bland airline – I do not really have any complaints – but I have nothing to rave about either.  The crew was very nice on this route. 

As we approached Miami we were hit with pretty hard turbulence – lady behind me shouted: "AY DIOS MIO" – I was gripping the armrest really hard.

As I picked up my bag – I noticed that it was dragging as I rolled it away, turns out of my wheels was missing – seems like Tumi has a good warranty – let’s see if they will adhere to it.

Miami, FL – Washington, DC | AA 1136 | 14D

June 4, 2008

So far my flight is delayed, and looking out the window (from the gate) it seems like we are going to get a HUGE down pour of rain…it is only 5PM yet it feels like 9PM – dark and gloomy outside – great flying conditions for sure.  Have a feeling the flight is full, gate is pretty packed – hoping for the best.

I really need to start flying with Erin more often – get some excitement in my travels.  I have not come across any deer, doofuses, drunk people, people asking for jobs, etc.

So I did have a little action on the flight – there was a group of girls that were just a bit too loud – laughing and talking like chickens, and dropping bad words that made them seem really lady like.  A few people gave them the turn-around look but no one said anything.  Once we took off – the chatter died down – I assume they got tired of hearing themselves.

The flight landed on time and my bag came out within minutes of the belt starting.  I was lucky enough that my brother-in-law picked me up and took me to Chinatown to eat some, what else, Chinese food.  We serious lack Asian cuisine in Miami, so any chance I get while traveling I take.