Kansas City, MO – NYC, NY (LGA) | Midwest #76 | Seat 12B


What a flight. I have only flown Midwest once before and I embarrassed myself. This was years and years ago and an old boss adn I went to the airport and he asked for first class, knowing full well that Midwest has an entire first class-ish cabin. The gate agent winked and said yes, so I asked to be upgraded too. They patted me on the head and played along.

I haven’t avoided Midwest, i just haven’t had a reason to fly them. I got lucky today – the flight was 1:20, but i thought it was 1:50 so i got to the gate when they were doing the final boarding call. The guy in the seat next to me seemed like a doofus but I have good ignoring skills so I wasn’t worried. Just before takeoff a guy from another seat asked the doofus next to me to trade. Turns out doofus had a friend, no, make that a drunk friend, who wanted to sit with doofus.

The kid who ended up sitting next to me was great. Steve is moving to NYC from San Diego and is looking for a job in marketing. Bright kid, asked good questions, was definitely not afraid to seize the moment and had a personality. I gave him my card and told him I’d love to have him come for an interview. I hope he calls.

Doofus and drunken friend didn’t have such a good flight. Toward the end, drunken friend required extra barf bags to accommodate both barf and a bloody nose. Then, when drunken friend got up to deplane he banged his head into the overhead compartment. I guess that makes him a doofus too.

On a side note, the Asian noodle and shrimp salad on board for 11 bucks was quite good for airplane food.  And the fresh baked choolate chip cookies that are apparently a Midwest staple were a hit with me.



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