Miami, FL – Mexico City, Mexico | AA 2199 | 24D


Getting up early for a flight is always a real pain – the only good thing is that the roads to the airport are usually empty. I was pleasantly surprised as I did expect the airport to be busy considering Memorial Weekend just “flew by”. My plane was full, but I already knew this – I have been checking the seat map religiously trying to get an emergency exit seat without any luck. Miami / Mexico City seems to be a very popular route – especially among the frequent flyers – I was once one a plane to Mexico that had over 40 Executive and Platinum. On this flight they actually boarded by row numbers, skipped the frequent flier pre-board.

Flight was quiet, except that about 30mins into it the flight attendant asked if anyone on board was a doctor – as long as it is not for the pilot, I am okay with that ;). Kidding aside, one passenger seemed to be light-headed. Thankfully there was a MD available – they wet the patients, I mean passengers forehead and lied him down in the back. Seems to be doing okay, no one flipped out.

I was lucky enough to have the seat next to me empty – think it is the only one available…did some emails, read, and took a brief nap.


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