Tampa, FL – Albany, NY | Southwest #3905 (5/23) | 9C


Well this was kind of a mess but I am grateful I got home. I was supposed to be on United Tampa to Albany, connecting through Dulles, departing at 1:40 and landing at 6:25. I was with Stacie, and she had an even tighter flight, 12:35 to LaGuardia. But, our clients were chatty and it wasn’t meant to be.

We screeched into Tampa on two wheels at approximately 1:15. In a surprising twist of fate Stacie had to change to a flight with a connection, and I got a direct flight on Southwest. I’ve never been a big fan of Southwest as I don’t like the waiting on line and jockeying for a seat. On this day however I was a big fan.

The flight was uneventful, the luggage was returned quickly, and the flight attendant gave me an extra pack of peanuts. Everyone was happy. Even the creepy guy with the panhandle mustache couldn’t bug me – thank goodness for my iphone.

Everyone got home at a decent hour, which was miraculous given the holiday weekend. I just hope we all do so well when we fly back to Tampa tomorrow. I am giving Southwest another try since it is a direct flight.


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