NYC (LGA) – Tampa, FL | Delta #1807 (5/21) | 36A


I was heading to Tampa for a meeting with a client and had to get there early. I don’t normally fly Delta so it was no surprise that they shoved me in the back of the plane. The walk down the aisle was so long that I started to think they’d hand me an apron and tell me to get to work.

The flight itself was uneventful. I sat with Stacie and we got a ton of work done.

I have to say, the gate area for this flight at LaGuardia was a mess. They run commuter flights out of the gate next door so there were hundreds of people milling around. The gate agent for the commuter flights wishes he had been a game show host, or at least that is what his announcements would lead you to believe. He rambled on and on and on, and kept getting cut off by the automated announcements, and would then start over again. It was just too much at 7am.


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