Durban, South Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa | BA 6214| 7C


Ever had a smelly guy next to you on a flight? Just BO entering your nostrils on every breath you take? I did, and it was absolutely disgusting.  Here is a tip before you fly, shower, for the sake of your neighbors (showering on daily basis can have positive effects in your life).  How one man’s odor can make another man’s flight a real bitch.

Asides from the smell, the flight was on time and quick – even lunch was served (only 1hr. flight, American Airlines take note).  Unfortunately the landing was a bit hairy, winds were blowing pretty violently – had the feeling that we landed at a slanted angle, was very happy to step off the plane.  I am now sitting in the British Airways lounge, waiting for my 21:10 flight to London.  It’s going to be a while until I get home.



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