Miami, FL – New York, New York (JFK) | AA902 |27H


I have begun my two day journey – final destination: Durban, South Africa. I will be flying Miami-New York-London-Johannesburg-Durban; total flying time about 22 hours. Surely there will be some juicy content for the next couple of posts.

I purchased my ticket with awards, which likely explains the 54 layovers…and for some reason I feel less appreciated by the ticket and gate agents. Miami agent was particularly unpleasant, not sure what her problem was. For example, I have two pieces of luggage and one small briefcase size suitcase that carries my underwater housing (video) and only weighs 14lbs. When asked how many suitcase I was checking, I said 2.5 to which my friendly agent immediately responded, there cannot be half a suitcase. I really did not feel like arguing, and then she told me it would cost $150 to check the 3rd bag. So now it is with me on the plane.

You would really think that being platinum (AAdvantage program) and checking in the first class line could expect a high level of service – definitely not the case.

As far as the flight was concerned, all good, no strange people next to me, on time. I must say that the pilot really hit the brakes pretty hard – I guess he did not feel like taxing too much. Just made my connection to London.

To read about my adventures in Durban (diving with tiger sharks) go to


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