Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX – Washington, DC (IAD) | United #7726 | Seat 13D


I’m a pretty grateful traveler right now. I spoke at an airport conference in Dallas/Fort Worth today, and there was a lot of talk about “famous Dallas thunderstorms” moving in. The kind folks at United boarded our plane like it were a school bus and got us out of dodge well before a drop of rain ever fell. Took off on time, landed on time, and I have time to grab a cheeseburger before my connection. Everyone wins.

A few interesting tidbits from my flight. I’ve been awoken from a deep sleep many times on planes from the guy next to me snoring. This flight, the guy three rows back woke me with his snoring. Let me repeat a key phrase – three rows back. Wow. He was sawing some serious zzzzz’s. Another tidbit from this flight was quite heartwarming. An American soldier home from Iraq had a friendly and extended conversation with six or so strangers sitting around him. The conversation wasn’t about the war, or the President, or politics, but just about him and his immense service to our country. Everyone was grateful for his contribution, as am I, and it was really nice to see people share that sentiment with him.

Also, I forgot something funny from my flight yesterday (I was in a rush because I was afraid Felix would yell at me for not posting enough!) Normally when the plane takes off, the flight attendant makes the standard announcement about “being happy to serve you the beverage of your choice when we reach cruising altitude.” Note to self, you are traveling way too much when you can recite their speech without notes. Anyway, back to my story, the flight attendant between San Francisco and Dallas-Fort Worth yesterday announced that she’d “be happy to serve you the beverage of your choice when we reached a workable angle.” A workable angle? That implies to me that the entire flight will be experienced at an angle. Ummm, not the best choice of words…


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