Albany, NY – Chicago, IL | United #421 | seat 2D connecting to Chicago, IL – San Fran, CA | United # 139 | seat 2D


This past Monday, 3/31, was a great day for flying, at least from Albany. We had springlike weather, no rain, and no wind. Took off and landed on time, and my seat-mate up front left me to my own devices.

Taking off from Chicago was a little frustrating. There was a storm moving in so they boarded us to try to sneak us out before they had to hold flights on the ground. That didn’t work, and we end up stuck for more than an hour out on the runway. I understand the logic in trying to get us boarded and in the air quickly, but it rarely works, and on such a long flight I really didn’t need an extra hour+ in my seat.

Interestingly I learned that delays can sometimes get passengers to lighten up. The guy next to me was quite cranky when I first sat down – he wasn’t amused watching me try to juggle my bag, my briefcase, a newspaper, my scarf (gotta have a scarf) and a giant coffee. He glared at me as I got settled, popped a few Advil like they were M&Ms and proceeded to mumble himself into a nap.  The announcement of a delay actually woke him up, and while he was still cranky he tried to create conversation. “Damn airlines. Always delayed.” I replied, “well, as much as I travel, I have to say that they actually do a pretty good job.” “Really,” said cranky-pants, “that’s good to hear.  Oh well, we’ll get there when we get there. Have a great flight, I’m gonna nap now.”

Speaking of naps…lights out.



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