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New York, New York – Miami, FL | AA 1761 |14D

April 28, 2008

Flight to Miami was only slightly delayed, about 20mins. The plane was absolutely empty, at most there may have been 25-30 people which was really nice. I spent the entire flight talk to a Ramiro (colleague) about politics, our company and region, TV show preferences, and the airline industry. Flight felt to go by extremely fast, Ramiro, thanks for the in-flight entertainment.

The flight attendants were particularly rude – seems like customer service is just an afterthought. I wonder where that attitude comes from, and why food is not served anymore – at least give passengers the option to add $3-$5 to the overall fare to cover the costs.

As I write this post, I am sitting on the tarmac on my way to Dallas, minor delay.


Miami, FL – NYC, NY | AA 1876| 5E

April 26, 2008

I really do not remember much happening on this flight.  My reading light did not work, that was a bummer – could not read.  Flight was on time and the pilot did a great landing.

Chicago, IL – Miami, FL | AA 1240| 10A

April 23, 2008

Barely made the flight – completely uneventful…but here comes the good stuff.  America Airlines had lost one of my bags, all my diving gear is gone.  If after five days it is not found it is consider lost.  Two wet suits, freediving fins, two masks, weight belt, and other paraphenillia is gone.  I am not happy.

London, England – Chicago, IL | AA 87

April 23, 2008

Unfortunately I forgot what seat # I was in – that is what happens when you take to long to post.  Flight was delayed by almost an hour.  Seems like the bus driver that was transporting the crew got lost and went to the wrong hotel.  Then to top it off Heathrow closed all but one runway.

The pilot was totally relaxed – as he gave his announcements I imagined him on a surfboard.  The guy next to me had the constant urge to correct people, including the flight attendant, she ignored him.  I was able to catch some Z’s.

At Chicago I had to make a dash through immigration, customs, security to make my connection to Miami…practicing my STICKY MOVES.

Johannesburg, South Africa – London, England | BA 54| 39H

April 21, 2008

Who would believe it – the guy behind me was a stink bomb as well, not only did he smell bad but he keep jamming his knee in my back. 40H – where ever you are, take a shower ASAP. I pretty much passed out for most of the flight – ate dinner and watch Beowulf, what a crappy movie.

There is really nothing to tell about the flight. Currently at Admirals Club, took a shower and ready for my next segment – Chicago. From what I have been told, it seems to be delayed by 25mins – hope I can make my connection considering I have to go through immigration…good times.

While changing terminals in London, I saw the new Airbus A380 – very impressive.

Durban, South Africa – Johannesburg, South Africa | BA 6214| 7C

April 20, 2008

Ever had a smelly guy next to you on a flight? Just BO entering your nostrils on every breath you take? I did, and it was absolutely disgusting.  Here is a tip before you fly, shower, for the sake of your neighbors (showering on daily basis can have positive effects in your life).  How one man’s odor can make another man’s flight a real bitch.

Asides from the smell, the flight was on time and quick – even lunch was served (only 1hr. flight, American Airlines take note).  Unfortunately the landing was a bit hairy, winds were blowing pretty violently – had the feeling that we landed at a slanted angle, was very happy to step off the plane.  I am now sitting in the British Airways lounge, waiting for my 21:10 flight to London.  It’s going to be a while until I get home.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Durban, South Africa | BA 6203| 5C

April 16, 2008

My the time I was on this flight I was pretty delirious and just wanted to pass out.  The flight to Durban was only about 1 hour, felt like a lot less.  I was in the seat right behind first class, and when the curtain was closed to divide the fortunate from the unfortunate my seat became much smaller all of a sudden.  Se, the curtain actually came over my seat (tray area) – felt like I had a blanket.

Asides from that – nothing exciting at all…

To follow my destination adventure, go to

I am heading back to Miami on April 20th – should have some exciting new material.

London, England – Johannesburg, South Africa | BA 55| 33G

April 16, 2008

I should have posted this about a week ago, but between diving with tiger sharks and black fin sharks my mind has been in different places.

On April 9th I flew with British Airways to Johannesburg and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the service, food, and entertainment (I have had bad experience in the past with BA).  I spent the 10.5 hours reading and watching movies (three in total) not getting any shuteye; part of the reason was that I was still on Miami time.

The flight was uneventful and landed on time.  One thing I did notice, is that the pilot was adamant that all passengers watch the safety video – even the frequent fliers.  Upon arriving in Johannesburg, customs was a breeze, it is not necessary to fill out any forms.  My luggage made it, had to carry it from the international terminal to the national one to make my connecting flight to Durban – what a mission and distance.

New York, New York – London, England | AA 104| 30C

April 9, 2008

1/3 of the trip is behind me…I was one of the last people to board the plane – left right on time, so far so good. Watched three movies, a bit difficult to sleep – and I guess I am spoiled from the last time Erin (my boss) sent me to London – flew business class and slept like a baby.

What has been entertaining is watching people trying to open the bathroom doors (I am sitting very close to it). Some pull, some open the ashtray (which I am not sure why these even exist anymore), others start banging – seems no one reads the big PUSH sign, and once they do, their effort is fruitless as they do not apply enough force. The word “rookie” comes to mind – anything becomes entertainment on a long flight.

Breakfast really sucked, a croissant on a tray, not even a plate with butter.

The remainder of my flights will be with British Airways.

Miami, FL – New York, New York (JFK) | AA902 |27H

April 9, 2008

I have begun my two day journey – final destination: Durban, South Africa. I will be flying Miami-New York-London-Johannesburg-Durban; total flying time about 22 hours. Surely there will be some juicy content for the next couple of posts.

I purchased my ticket with awards, which likely explains the 54 layovers…and for some reason I feel less appreciated by the ticket and gate agents. Miami agent was particularly unpleasant, not sure what her problem was. For example, I have two pieces of luggage and one small briefcase size suitcase that carries my underwater housing (video) and only weighs 14lbs. When asked how many suitcase I was checking, I said 2.5 to which my friendly agent immediately responded, there cannot be half a suitcase. I really did not feel like arguing, and then she told me it would cost $150 to check the 3rd bag. So now it is with me on the plane.

You would really think that being platinum (AAdvantage program) and checking in the first class line could expect a high level of service – definitely not the case.

As far as the flight was concerned, all good, no strange people next to me, on time. I must say that the pilot really hit the brakes pretty hard – I guess he did not feel like taxing too much. Just made my connection to London.

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