Miami, FL – NYC, NY (LGA) | AA894 | 14C


Flight boarded on time and everything seemed to be on schedule. There were several families that were separated so the flight attendants were playing musical chairs for about 15 mins. One lady did not want to give up her emergency aisle seat to a father so that he could sit with his little daughter. I was thinking – bad karma (then I was thinking if I would have done it – answer is yes). Regardless the little girl was definitely under 15, she was not even allowed to sit there.

The lady did redeem herself and hopefully her karma as well. After the flight attendant could not match the father and child, “Lady” took things in her own hands and moved people around.

As we rolled to the runway, we stopped and one of the engines was turned off, I was thinking mechanical problems, turns out we were delayed – high winds in NYC have backup planes in the sky. We sat on the tarmac for about 45mins. Getting into LGA was a bit bumpy, yet the pilot managed a smooth landing. I always rate landings – this was a 8 considering the circumstances.


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