Miami, FL – NY, NY (LGA) | American Airlines #1818 | 19F


All is not well that ends well.  We boarded on time and I settled in to my window seat, not my favorite, but I don’t have status on American and at least it wasn’t a middle seat. The woman in the middle seat next to me seemed quite lovely.  She settled in to her seat and took all of her seat, and half of each seat to either side.  She had a significant girth to her and it impacted my flight experience in that i was completely crushed for the entire flight.

On one hand, she paid for her ticket and deserved her seat.  But on the other, I paid for mine, and did not deserve to sit for two and a half hours with my cheek pressed to the window without the ability to move. My neck still hurts and my back is a little out of sorts too. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I know that I am frustrated and didn’t enjoy even a moment of my flight.

The flight was otherwise fine, took off and landed on time, and the flight crew was delightful.


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