Austin, TX – New York, NY | JetBlue #1062 | 25A


Sad as I was to leave my new favorite city, had a great flight from Austin, TX to JFK on 3/12. It started out with a serendipitous ride to the airport: the SXSW Interactive & Film Festivals had wrapped up the night before, and I ended up splitting a cab with an Australian stunt woman who makes zombie/horror films for a small production company in Atlanta. Had a good chat about a recent scene in which she was one of 40 zombies simultaneously ‘grave-popping’ and chasing down some unfortunate small-town innocents.

Austin-Bergstrom International tops my list of domestic airports: I’ve found it to be an oasis of calm, cleanliness and on-time flights. Plus, it has some pretty interesting displays about its former life as a WWII and Cold War Air Force base. And the coffee’s not bad, either — truly an exception to the rule of air travel in 2008.

I sipped my brew for a few minutes in the quiet and sunlit terminal before boarding JetBlue flight 1062 to New York. Rollback and takeoff were uneventful, and we climbed into clear skies with excellent visibility; a little turbulence, but nothing too severe. I really enjoy flying in JetBlue’s E-190, as it’s a new, small-ish and somewhat sporty machine. The pilot seemed to be in a flying mood, and we banked quite steeply as we egressed the airport zone — maybe not a crowd-pleaser (actually, noticed some nervous glances), but I always enjoy a good demonstration of an aircraft’s flight dynamics.

Norfolk, VA
banking north over Norfolk, VA

The remainder of the 3+ hours flight to JFK was split between reading the paper, a couple caffeine naps and watching the American South drift by below. Caught a couple brush fires, Raleigh, NC and got a good view of the naval base at Norfolk. Things clouded up as we headed north, and we finally broke out a couple thousand feet above Long Island Sound as we made our final approach to JFK. The waters below were wind-whipped and choppy, and the Manhattan skyline loomed cold and gray in the distance, but after two weeks on the road, it felt good to finally be home.


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  1. phillipshq Says:

    If you are looking for a sporty turn out on take-off, try the departure to the north from St. Maarten. The pilot must initiate the turn before the end of the runway.

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