Albany, NY – Philadelphia, PA | USAirways #1833 | 3C …connecting to… PHI – Miami, FL | USAirways #763 | 2C


Flew yesterday from Albany to Miami via Philadelphia and had a perfectly pleasant trip. I had the whole first class row to myself on the 50 minute flight from Albany to Philly which made it easier to read the times. I sat next to a delightful woman from Philly to Miami who was taking her two kids to Key West for a week’s vacation. Interestingly when folks were boarding a woman went by wearing a tiara. Yes, a tiara, and at 10:00 in the morning no less. She didn’t particularly seen like beauty queen material, and was too young to be so dramatic, but I got a kick out of it nonetheless. Thanks USAir for a safe and pleasant trip.

I’ve been meaning to post some information about what it takes to fly a plane. On my United flight from Denver to LaGuardia a week ago, the captain came on and share a lot of information about fuel usage on the flight. I don’t remember all the facts and figures he rattled off, but one that stayed with me was that we use 2.5 gallons of jet fuel per person per minute to fly in that 737. The net result of all that fuel was that the plane was 17,000 pounds lighter when it landed. I think that people should consider all the expenses that an airline incurs before complaining about ticket prices…


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