Mexico City, Mexico – Dallas, TX | American Airlines #1110 | 21A


Everything in check, flight left on time and got me into Dallas right as scheduled. We were on a MD-80, I think it is time to retire those planes from the fleet. Picture above is of the wing, can you see the paint peeling? Nothing exciting happened on the flight itself.

Immigration was a total breeze here – left me thinking: “I will have time for dinner”. As I looked on the monitors for my next flight I noticed my flight to Miami was delayed by 2 hours – great way to cap off this never ending business trip.


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2 Responses to “Mexico City, Mexico – Dallas, TX | American Airlines #1110 | 21A”

  1. Chris Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with this plane as far as I can tell from the picture. It just needs a new paint job. The MD80 is rated for over 100,000 cycles (take offs and landings). At most airlines that would mean it’s a safe ship for 3-4 decades.

    Airline Mechanic

  2. fleander Says:

    Well – I do feel better, but I assume most common passengers do not know that. I guess it is just a matter of presentation and first impressions. Thanks for reading.

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