Miami, FL – Mexico City, Mexico | American Airlines #2199 | 6E


I must give it to my employer and hooking me up with some SWEET itineraries (I should mention that there is a holiday in Mexico which has made it difficult). I am going to Mexico City for a pitch tomorrow which will last about 2 hours, yet I will be in Mexico well over 72 hours. Not to mention my travel times, once again I am at the airport at the crack of dawn looking at people drooling, sipping Starbucks, or wondering aimlessly through the terminal. What do I have to look forward to this Sunday when I return to Miami, a flight that has me going through Dallas.

On the bright side, I have been upgraded and can look forward to a delicious breakfast. Aside from that, the morning has been pretty uneventful, let’s see how the flight itself is.

Two things went wrong on this flight:

1. Someone was passing way too much gas in my vicinity – really nasty. It is comforting to know that supposedly the air quality in the cabin is as clean as in a hospital. Just hope the filters are cleaned regularly. Zach, remember our discussion in Miami?

2. My breakfast was two pieces of bread – there was not enough omelette’s for everyone – that is worth half the upgrade. I will definitely send a note to AA tonight.

At least the plane landed on time and immigration was a breeze. Will be reporting on the 16th when I fly home.


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